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QUALIDECO is part of QUALICOAT and offers additional licensing for members who wish to offer this additional decoration option.

QUALIDECO is a licensed coating system able to replicate any finish, such as realistic wood grains, marble/granite effects and any other photographic images on a powder coated base coat.

Products are initially powder coating to offer a base colour suitable for the agreed finish. A transfer film, printed with special inks, is then tightly applied over the coated products. Assemblies are then placed inside a special oven which subjects the assembly to pressure and high temperature to vaporise the inks which in turn penetrate the powder coated base layer.

Assemblies are removed, the film is easily removed, offering products which are completely decorated and ready for use.

QUALICOAT licensed powder coaters showing this logo carry a QUALIDECO license.

There is a European website that covers the process in more detail.



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