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How to Specify Architectural Powder Coatings

Many failures of coatings are a result of poorly written specifications. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Specifying a particular chemistry or ingredient, e.g. “PVDF” or “Polyester Powder Coat” - many poor performing coatings could claim to meet the chemistry requirements, but may not have the technical performance.
  • Specifying by warranty period. Technical performance and warranties are separate issues – and warranties have many caveats.
  • Failure to specify a pretreatment – corrosion and adhesion failures can result
  • Imprecise colour specification.  Quoting a RAL or generic shade alone is not enough; parts from different suppliers or batches may not match


Ideal specifications cover as a minimum the following:

  • The standard or quality label to be met (e.g. BS EN 12206, QUALICOAT)
  • The grade of that standard (e.g. BS EN 12206 with alternative pretreatment and enhanced durability coating, or QUALICOAT class 2)
  • That the coater must be approved by the coating supplier or a quality label (QUALICOAT)
  • Requirements for cut-edges and damaged parts to be sealed / repaired
  • If a warranty is to be mentioned – the duration, the properties to be covered, and that the properties should be as measured on the building
  • The exact shade and gloss level, quoting a particular supplier and saying “or equivalent” – ensuring any alternative supplier must match the required version of the shade - . e.g. RAL 9006 GL from AkzoNobel or equivalent matched to AkzoNobel master.
  • For metallic coatings, that all parts should be coated from a single batch, by a single coater.

Should you have any questions regarding the correct specification of powder coating, please contact a local QUALICOAT member, or contact Qualicoat UK & Ireland on the number below.



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