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'Future Proofing Facades' - 2022 Conference

Members of QUALICOAT UK & Ireland are delighted to announce the launch of the 2022 Conference aimed at professionals working in the Construction Industry. The conference is to be held at the Building Centre, Store Street, London on Tuesday, 14th June. The one day conference will be free to attend by invitation and potential delegates will be asked to register their early interest. Further details available on the QUALICOAT website.

Architectural powder coating has advanced a great deal in the last few years, to such an extent that a powder coated window or facade can last the lifetime of the building if correctly specified and coated. The aim of the conference is to inform delegates the extent of recent developments in powder coating technology, ensuring that future project specifications offer the best protection.

Extensive work has been completed by QUALICOAT working groups, all of which are formed by QUALICOAT members from across the globe. The conference will offer delegates an insight into this ongoing work including the recent launch of the QUALICOAT 3.0 specification, plus topics such as aluminium pretreatment options and how to specify the various classes of powders available today. The conference will also discuss fire resistance of facade coatings and confirm their safety for use on any facade.

The conference will be opened by Ivo Vermeeren, QUALICOAT President and Angus Mackie, Chair of QUALICOAT UK & Ireland. Together with the conference schedule will be a break-out area offering delegate refreshments and an exhibition area of QUALICOAT UK & Ireland member’s products and services.

The global QUALICOAT standard continues to be incrementally revised with update sheets and a reprint of the standard every year. The standard is freely available for download at www.qualicoat.net. For details on the availability of various colours and finishes contact any QUALICOAT UK & Ireland member for more information. For updated information about the use and specification of QUALICOAT in the UK and Ireland, please visit the UK & Ireland Association website at www.qualicoatuki.org.



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