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The 15th Edition of the QUALICOAT Standard at the RIBA

QUALICOAT UK and Ireland members and specifiers met at the RIBA Portland Street to welcome the 15th edition of the QUALICOAT standard for architectural powder coating.  Updated every two years the standard reflects the latest best use of technology and testing to ensure sustainable powder coating finishes.  A ‘not for profit’ organisation, with head office in Zurich, QUALICOAT maintains a global standard for the process of pretreatment and powder coating of architectural aluminium.

QUALICOAT Chairman, Alan Maginnis of Sprint Powder Coatings welcomed members and guests to the conference.  The afternoon’s presentations included the RIBA approved CPD from QUALICOAT titled, ‘Setting the Standard for Architectural Powder Coating’ presented by Russell Deane of AkzoNobel.  Ben Parsley of Jotun a short presentation on the importance of correctly specifying powder coating for various projects and locations.

The afternoon’s event closed with an expert panel question and answer session.  On the panel was Chairman, Alan Maginnis, Michael Stacey of Michael Stacey Architects, Russell Deane of AkzoNobel, Ben Parsley of Jotun and Jan Lukaszewski, General Secretary of QUALICOAT UK and Ireland.  Topics such as the importance of quality pretreatment of the aluminium and the various exposure classes of powder finishes were high on the list of questions which were discussed in depth by the panel.

Quality and consistency of quality, continues to be highlighted by QUALICOAT UK & Ireland, which includes third party testing of all certified powder formulations and pretreatment systems that make up the QUALICOAT approval process.  For specification support, any member of the association can offer advice and guidance.  For updated information about the use and specification of QUALICOAT in the UK and Ireland, please visit the UK & Ireland associations' website at www.qualicoatuki.org


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