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Qualicoat Members Meet in Birmingham


QUALICOAT UK & Ireland recently held their members meeting and AGM at the National Metalforming Centre in West Bromwich. Of the thirty members present, seventeen member companies were represented at the meeting which was opened by Chairman, Alan Maginnis from Sprint Coatings.

QUALICOAT & Alternative Pretreatments to Chrome VI

One of the UK's leading aluminium systems suppliers Kawneer, were guests at the meeting and offered an insightful presentation on their move to chrome free pretreatment which emphasised the need for a tightly monitored process control. Their application to become members of QUALICOAT UK & Ireland was lodged early in 2017 and it is hoped that they will be welcomed into the association shortly after clearing inspections from the test house, IFO.

Over half of the QUALICOAT approved powder coaters in the UK currently pretreat aluminium profiles using a chrome-free system. In Europe over two thirds of applicators use chrome-free systems and more companies are moving to this pretreatment prior to the sunset date for chrome use in September this year. It is likely that chrome will continue to be used with EU approval after this date, but special handling and monitoring conditions will be put in place by the HSE.

QUALICOAT as a powder coating specification as it continually evolves and tightens approvals, procedures and performance parameters.  The Council decided to publish a clear statement concerning the excellent performance of alternative pretreatments.  QUALICOAT has collated numerous statistics around the globe over the last numbers of years on process and finish performance.  It is this unique collection of real-time data that informs decisions on the improvements required from all QUALICOAT approved applicators.


This year QUALICOAT has made mandatory that laboratory technicians must now be trained by an independent accredited test institute.  Globally, Applicators’ technicians must operate and test in a consistent fashion regardless of the Company or Country involved, according to the latest QUALICOAT specification.

QUALICOAT 3rd Party Inspection

QUALICOAT are the only association in the UK/Ireland that insists on 3rd party independent inspection.  QUALICOAT have now further tightened the in-line coating and testing of powder coating plants. To maintain a QUALICOAT licence for application of powder coatings requires the coater to clear, with no faults, two mandatory unannounced inspections every year.

Launch of the 15th Edition, later 2017

QUALICOAT is a continuously improving its specification.  The new 15th Edition is to be released later this year.   QUALICOAT plans a special launch of this new edition where specifiers and architects will be invited to attend.  Further details will be made available soon.

The members meeting concluded with the association holding its AGM where Chairman Alan Maginnis was voted into office for a further two years, with the appointment of a new Vice Chairman, Graham Brown, MD of Vertik-Al.

Quality and consistency of quality, continues to be highlighted by the association which includes third party testing of all certified powder formulations and pretreatment systems that make up the QUALICOAT approval process. For specification support, any member of the association can offer advice and guidance. For updated information about the use and specification of QUALICOAT in the UK and Ireland, please visit the associations' website at www.qualicoatuki.org


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